FREYLIT Umwelttechnik GmbH
FREYLIT Umwelttechnik GmbH
hall with spare parts for FREYLIT products
Hall in Austria with parts for FREYLIT products.

Since 1983 FREYLIT has been producing, installing and maintaining the following products :

Mineral Oil and Residual Oil Separators for Industries
Oil Separators for garages and parking lots
Wash Water Recycling Systems

At the heart of our Mineral Oil and Residual Oil Separators
are the polypropylene coalescent plates developed by Freylit, which reduce the effluent oil content down to below 5 ppm
The Mineral Oil and Residual Oil Separators are used at  petrol stations, garages, freight forwarders, oil depots, airports, harbours, electric power plants, refineries, steel factories, etc. to separate waste oil from water.

We produce Mineral Oil and Residual Oil Separators with flow rates from 2 litres/second up to 5200 litres/second.  The separators are made of durable materials to ensure high quality performance over a very long lifetime.  For more than 25 years we export to over 30 countries in Europe, USA, Japan, China, Taiwan, and the Middle East.  A large number of well know oil corporations, engineering companies, and industrial clients are using Freylit oil separators.  All units are tested to conform to the European Norm EN858.

FREYLIT supplies Mineral Oil and Residual Oil Separators with tanks made of concrete, steel or polypropylene.
Alternatively we can supply only ‘installation kits’, which are all the necessary oil separator components inside the tank, and our clients obtain the corresponding tanks locally, build them on site, or install the ‘installation kit’ into an existing pit.  With the “installation kits” we provide the necessary engineering plans and easy installation and operation instructions.

Moreover, we have a second product line making Wash Water Recycling Systems used for cleaning waste water from all types of vehicle washing operations, be it cars or trains or even airplanes.  The FREYLIT wash water recycling system is recognised as the most efficient state of the art technology by all re-known oil companies worldwide such as Adnoc, Agip, Aral, BP-Amoco, Emarat, Eppco, Esso, Idemitsu, Mobil, OMV, Q8 , Shell, Texaco, etc. and also automobile traders such as BMW, Daimler-Chrysler, VW, Ford, Ferrari, Daihatsu, etc. in USA, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.  With over 8000 units installed worldwide the FREYLIT system is the system of choice, because of several advantages, including the reclaim of up to 93% of the wash water normally used.