FLOATY does not need any oil binding agents and cleans up every oil spill many times faster and cheaper than conventional methods.



FLOATY is working for you for at least 20 years.



FLOATY works consistently, regardless of the oil concentration.



FLOATY prevents oil streaks from spreading over large areas.



FLOATY continuously sucks up oil streaks and floating garbage on the water surface.



FLOATY is light and mobile, so it can be transported quickly and easily to any location.



FLOATY ensures that bodies of water remain clean and that the habitat of aquatic life is preserved.



         All FREYLIT oil separators are based on the same technology using special oleophilic, non-corroding, corrugated coalescing plates


         The FREYLIT Flap-skimmer is the most efficient technology for skimming oil from water surfaces.


Key benefits

         Most efficient oil-water separation worldwide


         4x more efficient than conventional oil separators


         4x smaller than conventional oil separators


         Separation of oil droplets down to 15 micron


         Oil outlet concentration below 5 mg/l


         Significant cost savings


         Virtually no maintenance


         Lifetime up to 36 years




The floating oil separator is a compact, low-maintenance system for preventing oil from spreading on water surfaces in the event of oil accidents at Marinas, Harbours & Fuel stations for boats.


The system consists of the following components:

1.    FREYLIT Flap-Skimmer: he skims the oil layer from the water surface

2.    Dirt trap: he collects skimmed garbage

3.    FREYLIT Mineral- & residual oil separator: he separates oil from water

4.    Oil Dipstick: for measuring the separated oil layer

5.    Oil extraction device: the separated oil is pumped out here

6.    Clean water chamber with integrated submersible pump: Here the cleaned water is pumped back into the surrounding body of water



The system including all components is equipped with side floats so that it is stable in the water.The submersible pump in the system's clean water chamber creates a surface current that sucks the polluted water into the system.


1.  FREYLIT Flap-skimmer

The water surface is sucked into the floating oil separator for cleaning via the FREYLIT flap skimmer.

As a result, floating garbage, a layer of oil and oil streaks are quickly removed from the water surface and can therefore not spread.


2.  Separation of garbage

Garbage floating on the surface of the water is collected in the dirt basket. This can be removed for emptying.


3.  Separation of oil

The wastewater then flows into the oil separator section of the separator. In this area, large oil droplets rise immediately and quickly to the oil collecting layer (separator surface) (due to the specific weight of the oil). Then the water, in which still small oil droplets are present, flows into the residual oil separator part of the separator.

For the separation of residual oil the FREYLIT KNOW-HOW is used.


4.  Oil level measurement

An oil dipstick for measuring the oil level is built into the residual oil separator part of the separator, after the corrugated plate packs. The oil level in the residual oil separator must be measured from time to time with the dipstick.


5.  Oil extraction device

When the oil level in the separator reaches 15 cm, the separated oil must be pumped out via the oil extraction device into an oil container (oil drum).

A weir in the outlet of the oil separator prevents oil from escaping from the oil-collecting layer into the clean water chamber of the system in which the submersible pump is installed.


6.  Cleaned water

The cleaned water (from garbage and oil - oil outlet concentration below 5 mg/l - based on free, undissolved and unstably emulsified oil components) is pumped back into the surrounding body of water by the submersible pump from the clean water chamber.

The water outlet is located on the bottom of FLOATY.